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Mercedes-Benz is beginning the process of updating all of their dealerships to their Autohaus2 branding. Dealer Decor was fortunate to be able to help one of the first dealerships to get this treatment. This particular dealership was seeking another option as opposed to the recommended Mercedes-Benz artwork vendor. In the end they received prints that were custom sized to fit their dealership as opposed to limited sizes to choose from, saved about 20% compared to the recommended artwork vendor, and ultimately received approval from Mercedes-Benz.

“When we updated our facility, the artwork on the walls was going to be a big part of the overall look and feel of our dealership. I wanted more flexibility of size and graphic options which made me seek out Dealer Decor. The artwork was a perfect complement to the newly designed facility and I saved a TON of money going through someone other than the Mercedes-Benz recommended vendors. I’ll definitely go back to these guys when it’s time to update our art.”

          -Joe Feldmann

          General Manger/Owner

          Feldmann Imports Mercdes-Benz

Dealership show floor
Customer lounge
Customer lounge
Technician area
Sales desks
Kids area
Delivery area
Delivery area
Delivery area looking out to show floor
Service drive
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