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Whether you are looking to make a huge impact and cover expansive wall space or decorate an office, our Stretched Fabric wall graphics are a great way to add some excitement to your dealership walls.

These dye sublimated fabric prints come with an aluminum frame. The fabric print has a rubber bead sewn to the edge that is pressed into the frame which holds it in place. The frame easily mounts to almost any surface.

Want to replace your photo or swap it out for a special event? Leave the frame on the wall and just replace the fabric print for a fraction of the cost!

Stretched Fabric prints can be any size that fits your needs up to 10 feet by however long you need.

Dye Sublimation large format stretched fabric wall graphic print
Stretched fabric dye sublimation printed wall graphic with metal frame
Stretched fabric dye sublimation large format wall display is great for decorating dealerships

Streched Fabric wall graphics are easy to install!

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